Online registration (please find registration form below - choose language)

At the Tourist Information Centre Kamnik (about TIC Kamnik)

On the spot Registrations on 3th July 2022 from 07.00 till 8.30

Entry Fees

  • Until March 31st - 34€
  • Until June 25th - 42€
  • After June 25th the entry fee is 49€

Registration is possible at TIC Kamnik or on the venue on a race weekend. 

If your birthday falls on the day of the marathon (3th of July), your participation is free of charge - no entry fee. 

Group registration

  • The minimal number of contestants is 5
  • A discount of 20% applies  to the group registration fee

it is necessary that  your team has at least one female participant.

To register a group, please visit this web site. Video instructions available here.

I hereby confirm that the data in the registration form is true, complete and accurate. I certify that I am physically fit to participate in Maraton Alpe Scott 2022, implying that I have no medical or physical conditions that could interfere with my safety. I confirm that I will follow any organisers’  instruction and I will compete at at my own risk. I agree to hold harmless the organisers and its staff members, volunteers, conducting the events from any and all claims, suits, losses, or related causes of action for damages, including, but not limited to, such claims that may result from my illness, injury or death, accidental or otherwise, during, or arising in any way from, the events. I agree not to sue or claim from any and all damage arising from my participation in the Marathon Alpe Scott 2022. I agree that any media material (photographs, movies, interviews) and similar publicity of me, taken and related to my participation at Maraton Alpe 2022, may be publicly used without compensation/reimbursement from the organizer. In case any of the above information is found to be false or untrue or misleading or misrepresenting, I am aware that I may be held liable for it.





Perovo 2b, Kamnik
Janez Jarm, 040 264 340

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