DATE: Sunday, 2.7.2023
START: Kamnik- city center
FINISH: Kamnik-city center
ROUTE: Kamnik - Komenda - Cerklje - Preddvor - Jezerski Vrh - Pavličevo sedlo - Solčava - Luče - Ljubno - Gornji Grad - Črnivec - Kamnik
DISTANCE: 130 km

ORGANISED BY: Cycling Society Alpe, Perovo 2b, 1241 Kamnik, Slovenija. ,
Director: Janez Jarm, +386 40 264 340



The Alpe marathon starts and ends in the center of city Kamnik. Straight after the start and until the railways crossing, all participants have to cycle at a slow pace. The timing of each cyclist starts after the raiways crossing. All participants must cross the checkpoint, and having done so, no further limitations or restrictions are placed on racers until they reach the finish line back in Kamnik. In the course of the marathon, racers who are not behind the lead racer for more than 60 min, are protected with mobile road closure (roadblocks). Should cyclists be slower and behind for more than 60 min, organisers’ vehicle carrying the sign »KONEC MARATONA« (the end of the marathon) and accompanied by a police car, signal an audio warning and doing so, informs cyclist of their position. Furthermore, those participants are cycling on the so-called open road and must abide by the traffic rules. Regardless of  REDAR (security service), being present whilst marathon, the organizers do not ensure controlled traffic, however, it is in their will and power to assure safety on a higher level. Participants race at their own risk and the organizers, or their assistants, cannot be held responsible for any injuries or damage to participants or their property, or to 3rd person parties. The organiser assumes no responsibility for any injuries or damage caused by the participants to themselves, to others, or to third persons. By starting the race the participants agree with the organisers' rules listed on the registration forms, the club's website and in the media. The safety of the marathon is supported by the organiser's vehicles, medical assistance and the marshalling staff.

Marathon Alpe aims at increasing cyclists' awareness of protecting the environment and its’ importance, therefore all participants are expected to dispose of plastic containers and any other waste in refreshment stands or at the places that racers will be informed about in due time



  • Use of safety helmets is mandatory 
  • The participants must follow the traffic rules and regulations.
  • Participant is considered to be someone who is officially registered by organisers, has settled the entry fee, has enclosed a completed entry form and wears the number that is fully visible.
  • Each participant has to prove its’ identity with an ID card or passport.
  • When receiving the start number participants acknowledge their agreement with conditions of the race by signing with their names.
  • The participants start at 9.00 a.m. and race according to their abilities. The marathon ends at 5.00 p.m.
  • Persons under the age of 16 are not allowed to participate.
  • Juniors, Elite and U23 men and women riders are allowed to participate only at the invitation of the organizing committee. They will not be included in the classification and may not influence the race result in any way.
  • Racers are not allowed to seek shelter from wind by riding behind unregistered cyclists, official vehicles or any other vehicles.
  • Organisers provide the participants with a light meal, drink, free gift sand (?), refreshments at the energy stations along the route and lunch after the race.
  • The winning ceremony preceded by drawing of start numbers takes place in the start-finish area.
  • Only results of racers riding regular road and mountain bikes will be officially accepted.
  • The crossing of the checkpoint carpet is mandatory for all racers to have accepted results.
  • A bus following the line of racers will be available for any participants who will not be able to proceed with the race
  • The participants' race at their own risk. Organisers cannot be held responsible for any injuries or damages caused.
  • The event takes place regardless of the weather conditions.
  • With the registration, the participants of Marathon Alpe consent with the latest measures and recommendations from the National Institute of Public Health and with the decrees of the Government of the Republic of Slovenia, which will be valid on the 4th of July, 2021.



  • Participants with e-bikes start as the last group in a single category.
  •  Participation in the marathon is non- competitive.
  •  They must not affect the results of other participants competing in this marathon.
  •  E-cyclists will be differentiated from other participants with special back numbers.
  •  Bikes must be equipped with a pedal-assist function.
  •  E-cyclists must agree with other tendering terms Http://
  •  The e-Alps is a pilot project and we expect the correct participation of E-cyclists, taking into account the above terms and conditions



W1         16 - 29  2006 -1993

W2         30 - 44  1992 - 1978

W3         45 ......  1977


M1         16 - 29  2006 - 1993

M2         30 - 39  1992 - 1983

M3         40 - 49  1982 - 1973

M4         50 - 54  1972 - 1968

M5         55 - 59  1966 - 1963

M6         60 - 64 1962 - 1958

M7         65 .....  1957 .....


Perovo 2b, Kamnik
Janez Jarm, 040 264 340

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